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like will this game have ubdate



I want to Android download it game pls


My, My! I see why someone did not like the VN… The phasing is fast. Yes, A bit too fast. But I can tell that it has some work in it. vkywrufwe you might want to write the story first on a document, then separate it in a VN format, like if it was a Script of a play. Then have someone read it for you… If you have no CG or art to follow in a scene, try to give a detailed description, while slowly building to it.

Also, try to give descriptions on some items a little more detail. Mostly try to create a solid stage in someone mind. Think of asking, yourself, how much the reader can see by getting a description. And do remember to give a description of the place they are… for example: During the tavern scene, they are kinda talking to each other and getting frisky.

But, there is no idea where they are and if it is in front of anyone. I would guess the dragon can have a little more decency on public… or not it depends, as I know little about the character, so I can’t say. Furthermore, if the dragon is a Horny Beast, that is normal in this world, let us know. It can save a little the setup of both MC and Cid.

For the phasing a tip I can give, is give them time to know each other… It can be in the same day and get frisky, but make the day last. Don’t give a vague adventure, show little meaning less talk, sometimes is just the little things that can make a scene more enjoyable. Talk about little interests, their travels, adventures, embarrassing encounters, or traumatic events, create a story behind them to make them interesting.

Also reveal the characters slowly… or you will run your head out of ideas. And if you have too many, write them down to use in the future. On real life, we do not pay attention to the little things on our day-to-day life, unless it is with someone we like or want to know. MC can become more perceptive or less… He will remember the little things if he is writing from a fond memory or even a traumatic one.

I hope this helps you a bit on it. It might be a prototype, but do give it an ending. Prototypes on Development can also be good to tell how much you still need to think before going for the big things. (I know that a bit too well…)

it was short but it gave me a cliffhanger aughh,

first meetup then doing the devils tango haha


is the project dead? If not, where the next update will be?

I loved💗💗💚🧡

Dayum. Dem peeps have like zero inhibitions, Day 1 of meeting and right to f***ing. I love it, but also very jarring.

I loved this


Present issues: Dragon missing shoulder guards and wings, Name input doesn't have default name or give message that there is no default name, Know dragon's name before he has introduced himself, the encounter seems a little rushed/simple, relevant worldbuilding details skipped over/missing, MC is unidentified species (and no mention if its player's imagination choice), Same issue with German Shephard even if dragon says a name its not his real name though does introduce him after that, way too quick progression, no romance and straight to making out?  Things happen without hesitation, no explanation, no backstory, no how did I get here, there is no time to apricate anything, the MC might as well be a toy or slave

Even for a first release this feels very disappointing.  Lack of detail on what this VN is about/entails in the itch description also only adds to it, as I have no idea on how to frame/judge this appropriately.  Lots of work will need to be done and edited.


I agree it feels like a demo. Definitely too fast progression. But the main aspects are not bad: art and writing. So it should be very easy to rework it, I think.


I do agree, I do!  Be glad I'm not some unknown mercenary or boss! (joke at my own expense cause it a be a brief show stealer)


he should lose the undies~

ill take that dog if you dont mind :)


It's a very good VN. I see the potential in this one. I hope I can see more of it in the future, the story and the CGs.
Continue with the great job!

It was wonderful.